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As a trained and qualified supervisor I can offer supervision to other counsellors, trainees therapists, teachers or healthcare or any professionals working in a caring or supportive role either as individuals or small groups.

Supervision is a space for you to reflect on your work to learn and grow and to feel supported. It is a chance for you to step outside your work and talk about areas you are not able to discuss with others due to confidentiality. There are often patterns and themes in your work which may become apparent. It can be interesting to see how these relate to your own personal circumstances.

It provides you with a space to share all aspects of your work with clients or people you are supporting as well as considering any ethical or boundary or organisational issues. 
I am a non judgemental encouraging supervisor and hope our work together will enable you to feel supported and be allow for professional groth. Most importantly it is part of your self care.

I offer face to face supervision as well as online supervision. This is both supervision online and supervision for online work. I am qualified as both a face to face and an online supervisor and am happy to offer supervision for blended work, and where appropriate blended supervision.

I currently work with a range of levels of experience from trainees to experienced counsellors and a variety of orientations. As well as working with private supervisees I currently work as a supervisor for Center 33 and offer support for those in a caring role who are not counsellors from other professions.
Previously I have been a supervisor with Cruse and STARS and for trainees on the Adlerian counselling diploma.

I have both a Certificate and Diploma in Supervision (Adlerian/Integrative) awarded by Cambridge Supervision Training and Accredited by ASIIP and a Diploma in online counselling supervision awarded by OCST and recognised by ACTO.

IIP Certificate Adlerian Supervision 20011
IIP Diploma Integrative Supervision 2012
OCTS Online Supervision Diploma 2021

Please email me to discuss your requirements.
Fees for supervision start at £70 per hour for individuals and £80 per hour for supervsion funded by organisations.

Supervision and Coaching. SUPERVISOR BACP



Coaching can help you with both personal and proffessional growth. Work and or life coaching can help you work out your goals, your priorities and help you feel more in contol of your life.

Coaching when at a crossroads in your work life or dealing with an new job, career change or promotion. It can be especially helpful for women when pregnant or retrning to work after a pregnacy 

Life coaching can help you make the most of your life and fill more forfilled.

Please contact me and we can arrange a package to suit your needs. Coaching usually starts at £100 per session



Maternity Coaching & Pregnacy Coaching

Pregnancy is a transformative journey filled with anticipation and sometime challanges. Balancing work and pregnacy/being a partent can be complicated. Maternity coaching is designed to help by providing  guidance, support, and resources  to navigate your pregnancy journey with confidence and empowerment. Support during pregnacy, birth, parenting and returning to work through compassionate guidance and practical solutions can help   parents-to-be to embrace their journey with confidence and resilience. I also have exoperieicne working with difficult pregnacies and can off individuals or couples support through this journey.

If you are interested  then please get in touch and we can talk about a plan that will work for you .


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